GAMIX FORMED TO PROMOTE AN OPEN GAMING PLATFORM - For Immediate Release October 10, 2005

Gamix, Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation based in Scranton , PA , has been established to provide an open gaming alternative to proprietary platforms such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft Xbox.

Gamix provides the technical specifications for a revolutionary new platform that gives software publishers the freedom to work without proprietary development systems. It is free of any operating system requirements, giving developers maximum power and flexibility.

In the past, the up-front cost for developing video games for companies that control the videogame market has been a real barrier for software publishers. With Gamix that barrier is eliminated.

Gamix provides software publishers, large and small, with an exceptional opportunity to produce competitive products, free from costly or restrictive licensing. Publishers thus have the chance to reap the rewards of their risk and prospective success.

For the user, Gamix solves a fundamental problem with computer-based entertainment. It brings the simplicity and stability of dedicated video game consoles to existing high-performance hardware. To play a Gamix game, the user simply inserts the DVD into a Gamix compatible machine and turns it on.

Although some existing high-level hardware will accommodate Gamix DVDs, hardware manufactures are encouraged to make their machines Gamix-compatible. Licensing costs for such branding are minimal, and every dollar paid by participating manufacturers will be used to promote and advertise the Gamix platform.

For more information, please contact Eli Tomlinson ( ) at:
Gamix, Inc., 1129 Rundle Street, Scranton, PA  18504
or visit


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