G a m i x  P C s

PCs that will run Gamix boot CDs or DVDs:


Acer Aspire L100
Acer Aspire E380
Acer Aspire T180
Acer AcerPower 1000
Acer AcerPower M8

Dell Dimension C521 (with nVidia)
Dell Dimension E520 (with nVidia option)
Dell Dimension E521 (with nVidia)
Dell XPS 410 (with nVidia)
Dell XPS 700 (with nVidia)

Gateway DX420B
Gateway DX420S
Gateway DX420-QS
Gateway DX420X
Gateway FX510S
Gateway FX530S
Gateway FX530XM
Gateway FX530XV
Gateway GT5220
Gateway GT5228
Gateway GT5252
Gateway GM5266E

HP Pavilion a1410e series
HP Pavilion a1620y series (with nVIDIA GeForce option)
HP Pavilion a1650e series
HP Pavilion a1650y series (with nVIDIA GeForce option)
HP Pavilion d4650e series
HP Pavilion d4650y series
HP Pavilion Media Center m7690y series
HP Pavilion Media Center m7690e series

Lenovo 3000 J115
Lenovo ThinkCentre A60

Systemax Lightning
Systemax Sabre
Systemax TigerShark
Systemax Warhawk
Systemax Wildcat


Acer Aspire 7000
Acer Aspire 9300

Dell Inspiron E1505 (with nVidia)
Dell Inspiron E1705 (with nVidia)
Dell XPS M1210 (with nVidia)
Dell XPS M1710

Gateway MX3302
Gateway MX3416

HP Pavilion dv2000z series
HP Pavilion dv6000t series (with nVIDIA GeForce option)
HP Pavilion dv6000z series
HP Pavilion dv9000t series
HP Pavilion dv9000z series

* Note: These PCs are all capable of running Gamix the boot CDs or DVDs that are currently available.  However many of these PCs don't exactly match the Gamix specifications for networking, and may not be able to take advantage of any future software that supports network play or web-based features.


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