WHY MICHAEL DELL IS WRONG. - For Immediate Release January 16, 2007

Recently, while speaking at the Austin Game Conference, Michael Dell, founder of the unstoppable Dell computer offered his optimistic views on the future of PC gaming (http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=10821). This would appear to be a natural conclusion based on Dell’s recent acquisition of Alienware.

But Eli Tomlinson, founder of Gamix, has a very different view of the future of PC gaming. “The PC is dead.”   “Without a complete reinvention of the PC, the videogame system is destined to rule the home. PCs will continue to exist for those professionals that want to bring their work experience home; but the PCs reach into consumers’ recreational time will continue to be marginalized.”

But is that the unavoidable future? “No!” says Eli. “The PC must deliver the consistency and simplicity consumers expect from the game consoles. The PC inherently has so many market advantages over proprietary consoles, but for thirty years has failed to deliver on the promise of being easier-to-use. Microsoft Vista, and the Xbox clearly demonstrate that Microsoft believes that game consoles are for the home and PCs are for the office.”

Gamix is an open gaming platform based on the PC. The concept is to give consumers the simplicity of the game consoles while maintaining the power, flexibility, and variety of the PC.

“Michael Dell is obviously one of the true leaders and visionaries of the PC industry. His accomplishments speak for themselves. But staying the course in the PC gaming market is not going to work. The time is right for a reinvention of the home computer- a reinvention as dramatic as IBM’s original PC. Certainly a company with the resources of Dell could lead such a revolution.
The question is when.” - Eli Tomlinson

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